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Artist statement


The beginning of my artistic work was formed by the intention of implementing spaces with my own authentic image worlds. In the process of finding my own way of expression, it was important for me to avoid any influence from the outside. Although there are artists from the past and the present that I respect a lot, they have not taken any defined influence on my work; nor am I anyones student or place myself in any direction of a certain style.
As distinguashable as every human being is to one another, artists should just be as unique in order to be authentic.
To create is the core of my work, so that I am a scientist within my broad field of possibilities.
An audience or other observers don´t occur in my creative process, so that there are no other statements or intentions hidden in my images.

There are a multitude of impressions that I translate artistically into my paintings. My direct surroundings and my experience of the world provide me with visual imagination and serve as triggers for the process of creating my artworks. My images are the result of a predominantly lenghthy process that involves calculation and intention equally.

The human being, the portrait and landscapes are reoccuring motives in my work through wich I cite the present by the colours and materials I use. I like working in series and playfully involve trivial materials such as tape, paper or plastic from everyday life to "paint" with, to give them my personal expression and go into new directions.

The "pixel"-series is the current implementation of my artistic representation with new materials with a technique I created. The work within this field and the immense dimension of undiscovered or undeveloped potential presents the current center of my work and makes it possible for me to walk on ways, that haven´t been walked on before.